Warning – unauthorised use of Hazer name and logo

Hazer Group Ltd (Hazer Group) is aware that third parties unrelated to us are purporting to be associated with, and represent, Hazer Group (and other Australian based cleantech companies) as part of possible identity theft or cyber-fraud activities.

These activities typically involve persons purporting to represent Hazer Group offering employment opportunities with us through recruitment websites and offering to conduct web-based interviews on social media platforms. We are aware that these third parties are using recruitment websites including Ziprecruiter, and Google services Google+, Google Hangouts and Gmail, to misrepresent themselves as associated with Hazer Group. Whatever services or opportunities might be offered by these third parties, they bear no connection to us.

Hazer Group wishes to categorically state that we have not undertaken any recruitment activities through Ziprecruiter or on social media applications or platforms including Google Hangouts. All Hazer Group recruitment is conducted through this website (www.hazergroup.com.au) or via registered recruitment agencies.

All email correspondence from our company will be sent from an email address hosted on the Hazer Group website domain (e.g. [name]@hazergroup.com.au). Please note in particular, that Hazer Group personnel do not use gmail.com based email addresses for company-related activities.

If you are in doubt about any correspondence you have received from someone purporting to be a representative of Hazer Group, you can confirm their relationship with us and the legitimacy of their activities by contacting us at contact@hazergroup.com.au. Please also email any suspicious correspondence you may receive in connection with Hazer Group to us for our investigation.